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Written by Marlena Weber   
Banana Studio w NewcastleEric Murphy has been successfully in advertising and commercial photography for over 20 years. Now we are pleased to take photos in his studio during photo sessions - Polskie Kreatywe Koło Talentów.

Interview with Eric Murphy, in his own studio based in the creative centre of Newcastle, the Ouseburn Valley.

Marlana Weber – My congratulation, really a great studio.

Eric Murphy - Thank you. I had worked in several London, but this one is exactly what I always wanted it. Banana Studio is very flexible studio with professional equipment and darkroom. In the same time we can shoot two different sessions depending of client’s needs.  We can also play with lights including a great natural lights afternoon. And it is based in great area, next to Star and Shadow cinema and The Cluny pub. But I was here before them, so I have made this place cool.

M.W – How long you have been in this business?
Eric Murphy - I have been in this business over 20 years and I love this job.

M.W - Over 20 years, so what have you learn during this time?
Eric Murphy – During this time I have learnt to keep developing myself every day. As a photographer I make my job harder and harder, but this only one way to get better and work easily with wide group of people from different culture and language. I like to work with these two Polish girls (Marlena @ Bananastudio,Ola @ Bananastudio).

M.W – Is the language any barrier?
Eric Murphy - Not really.  Sometimes when I am direct I need repeat some words but this is only about language, nothing about art so there is no problem.  I am really enjoyed to work with Polish people.

M.W- So what Marlena and Ola got that you work with them?
Eric Murphy - One day Ola just passed me and I said ‘Wow! This girl has got X Factor?

M.W - So to be model is nothing about beauty or high?
Eric Murphy - Models don’t need to be too skinny and pretty or handsome, but they must have X factor. I have seen really pretty girls and great guys but when you take photos this pretties just despaired, this is about photogenic and you as photographer must bring out this X factor.  The size and high depend on what type of modelling you would like to do.

M.W - What about personality?
Eric Murphy - I don’t like work with prima donna models.  Models must remember that they are selling products and you as a photographer must catch the right moment.  Good cooperation between models and photographer is 100% success. I am difficult to work with because I have much experience and I prefer if model works as I want.

M.W – So it is easier to work with experience or inexperience model?
Eric Murphy - Sometimes is easier to work with experience models like Marlena, but sometimes is really great to work with inexperience model like Ola. Model secret to success is their confidence, not really experience.  But true is that during the session 50% depends of photographer and 50% of model, so if they feel confidence and is good cooperation between you and model that should be successful session.

M.W – So when experience helps?
Eric Murphy - Practices really helps when you do sessions for advertising, especially working with animals or products.

M.W – What do you think about Photoshop?  
Eric Murphy –Photoshop is a great tool, but is not a substitute for a good shot. You need a good shot first.

M.W. – You said you have over 20 years’ experience so do you have your favourite pictures?
Eric Murphy - I am always criticism myself and I never had photo which I really like. I always think could be better.

M.W – People say that only true professional think in this way. So are there any photos which you like?
Eric Murphy – Of course, I like Helmut Newton, Bob Carlos Clarke photos.

M.W - Would you like to invited Polish people who’s got talent to yours studio?
Eric Murphy - In Bananastudio we do a lot of training and that’s what we do with PKKT - Polskie Kreatywne Koło Talentów. Good model needs to have X Factor, good make-up artist and photographer talent to abstract this X Factor, but to achieve success they all need confidence.  
Come to see us.

Eric Murphy team you can also see on Newcastle Fashion Week.
Eric Murphy

The professional photography experience is so much more than a standard photo shoot. During PKKT we can learn to takes a unique and beautiful photos that really tells story which you want to get. In Banana Studio step by step we can learn how to achieved good quality of photos having so much fun.
Tomasz Szot

My first steps as a Make up Artist were at Newcastle College where I was helping photography students with makeovers. After that I was lucky to start work with Eric Murphy in Banana Studio. Having your Make-up an Hair done professionally for a photo shoot is well worth the investment especially for a sessions. I love what I do and I can’t wait for next sessions. In short future I would love to open model agency, so Polskie Kreatywne Koło Talentów is a great occasion to meet new people.  I think everyone who was this time knows it is worth to come
Karolina Hejnar Mua

Modelling is hard job. I don’t prefer too skinny models. They must look healthy and be ready to looks different all the time.  Good session depends of cooperation between Photographer, Make-up Artist and Model and Banana Studio is a great place to possess this ability.
Kasia Kessi

Boho is successful Newcastle based modelling agency; deliver a full spectrum of marketable opportunities like: retailers, publishers, designers etc. Our models have featured in advertising campaigns, TV commercials and fashion shows for Nike, Vivienne Westwood, NHS and editorial for Cosmopolitan and OK. Doing a marketing campaign we’re looking for man variety of models, but usually looking for a specific type of model. You could see us on Newcastle Fashion week. Join to us now.
Alisia Erika
Polish Models:
Marlena @ Bananastudio
Ola @ Bananastudio

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