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Hunt for aircrafts Print E-mail
Written by Marlena Weber, photography Robert C. Ossowski   
How we see the people who are fastinated about registration aircraft traffic? Is this passion breaking the law or is nobility to the airport talking with Robert Ossowski member of Durham Tees Valley Aviation Watch Club.

What does Plane spotting means?
Plane spotting is a combination of two words plane and spotting and means observation and logging of the registration numbers of aircraft including passenger plane and military aircraft on airport and airfield.

What does RNAV Spotting means?
RNAV Spotting is shooting passenger plane and military aircraft on 10 000 m.

What kind of camera do you need for this shooting?
If you want take a shoot of aircraft flying 10 000 m, here it comes already high-quality optical equipment, usually a telescope in combination with a digital SLR or just  simple compact camera.

What is the basic camera which I can shoot this king of photos?

The basic camera which you need is DSLR. And remember to change lenses depended of shooting.  Working with my Nikon D90 I use zoom lens 28-200 mm. When I am shooting plane on landing path I use zoom lens 70–300 mm, but when I am shooting on cruising range I use prime lens 1300 mm. Many of plane potters use professional telescope like sky watcher or Synta and they have got really great photos. On these photos planes look like on 200m not like 10 kilometres.

What about airport point of view on planes potters?

In many country planes potters are treated as a first line of defence. This attempts to allow enthusiasts to continue their hobby and to increase security around airports. Having the own group of plane spotters is nobility to the airport.

Where are you looking for all information about plane?
All information about plane which I am already looking for I can find in internet. I also use on-line radar on There are already find all at least news about air traffic. I also cooperative wit plane spotting group form our airport and I am member of Durham Tees Valley Aviation Watch Club concentrated on North East and this is giving to me opportunity to at least news as well and shares my passion.

When your passion became alive?
My passion became alive when I lived in Grudziądz, but this was only kind of observation, because in Grudziądz we have one of the biggest air crossway in Europe (GRU) .Together with internet plane spotting became more popular too. But this passion became truly great when I moved to Port Clarence in 2007 where is landing way number 23 to Durham Tees Valley Airport (ICAO/IATA to EGNV/MME).
Every day about 300-500m over my home I can see beautiful plane from over the world. There is also flight path number UL602 where I can shoot over 100 planes per day.

Every day over 100 planes makes good plane story?
I am interested in all kind of plane: passenger plane, airships, and gliders and of course military planes.
Fallowing air traffic we can find out about, plane crash, plane brake down, which plane is exploitable, or that some VIP use government plane in private case.

Do you have any photos of unique plane?

One of my first unique plane which I shoot was Airbus A340which belongs to Virgin Atlantic during EGNV visit. I always dream to shoot Jumbo Jet plane Boeing B747 and in last year on East Middlands airport this dream became true. In my collection I have also Avro Vulcan (one of the kind jet-bomber which can transport nuclear charge) and B-52.

So what is your next goal?

I would like to win some prize in prestige photographic competition.

Is there anything you dream about it?
I dream about many things but one of most important is to shoot An-225 Mrija (only one in the world) or spotting trip to St.Martin Island, where you can take beautiful pictures of airplanes flying at a height of several meters above the beach.

May I say that your plane spotting went a step further and together with Paul Jakubowski you have website for aviation enthusiasts?
Yes, thanks to the passion of Paul Jakubowski who is sky-watcher website founder I became moderator on his website. This allows me to share their photos with others planes potters worldwide. It gives me more motivation to develop my passion. Anyway, the portal sky-watcher Paul Jakubowski founded from a desire to build something from scratch, which would give self-realization and the occasion will suitable for aviation enthusiasts. And so we support in these our passions.

Where outside the airport I can meet plane spotters?

At course, and certainly we can meet on Sunderland International Airshow.

Marlena Weber