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Polish girls in Hartlepool
Written by Robert C. Ossowski   
Monday, 24 November 2014 14:08
looked as if it was going to be a beautiful and a sunny day. I fixed up a day out with Monika and Weronika . We first took photos at the seaside at the Tees river mouth and then we thought of having a photo session at the decrepit salt retrieval factory at Headland in Hartepool. After we got there it turned out that it had all been demolished.

We decided to go to the beach and over to the old pier, where we managed to take a few dozen photos. We had a good laugh because as soon as the sunbathers saw the girls and the photographer, they started to prompt them to pose. A more spicy offer has even been made but we turned  that one down.

Text & photos:
Robert C. Ossowski / Profotto