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Generał Władysław Langner – from Lviv to Newcastle upon Tyne
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Thursday, 07 November 2013 13:28
A Polish General Władysław Langner, aka Zlom, died in Newcastle upon Tyne on 29 September 1972. He was a Polish Legions Soldier and also an Officer of the Second Polish Republic Army.

During the Polish Defensive War of September he was stationed in and around the city of Lviv against Wermacht.  Not to endanger further lives of the people and risk the destruction of the city on the 22 September 1939  General Langner surrendered the city to the Red Army 

From 22 September to November 1939 due to surrender procedure he stayed in Moscow. On the 20 NOvember 1939  he managed to escape to Romania and then to France, where he served the commander in chief. Since October 1940 he was stationed in Great Britain.

On 11 November The Polish President in exile August Zaleski  appointed commander of the Polish 3rd Carpathian Rifle Brigade.

Below are some current photographs of General Langner's burial site at „All Saint Cementary” Jesmond in Newcastle upon Tyne.