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IT Services Newcastle - Emergency anti-virus, computer services, networks, data security
Written by Luke / IT Services   

The latest figures published in the British press are alarming - after testing approximately 40 000 home Wi-Fi networks in six major cities of England, it has been found that over 50% of them are not secured by any password or even the easiest way of data encryption method.

If you think about fast and reliable network at your home / office - do not let it found itself the target of hackers, or your neighbour who may already make a use of your Internet connection and all the resources that you have gathered, and even worse - your personal confidential data.

I offer professional technical assistance, advice and the following range of services:

  • Recover lost data, backup data
  • Removal of viruses, worms and other malicious software
  • Installations, reinstalling operating systems
  • Building and upgrading PCs
  • Design and construction of a wired LAN and wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)
  • Administration and securing networks
  • Configuring network devices:
  • ADSL routers, Access Points
  • (CISCO), Routers, Switches, Access Points

Free access to the client within the Newcastle and Gateshead.

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