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Polish-English affordable taxation, accountancy & bookkeeping in Newcastle upon Tyne & North East
Written by ABS Service Accountancy & Bookkeeping Ltd   
We believe in order for any business to succeed it must have a proper Bookkeeping, Payroll, Accountancy, Taxation system. However, many business owners waste time on routine bookkeeping, Payroll tasks. This is where we come in. We at ABS Service LTD provide outsourced Bookkeeping, Payroll, Accountancy and Taxation.


Some businesses have very little paperwork. They are likely to be sole traders and not VAT registered therefore monthly or quarterly bookkeeping may not be necessary. However every business must prepare accounts at the end of each trading year in order to declare their figures on a Self Assessment Tax Return.


  • PAYE
  • CIS

Tax Return

We can complete a self-assessment income tax return for you, if you are in business, either self-employed or a company director. Simple planning and the right advice can make completing your income tax return easy and painless
  • Taxation / Tax Returns
  • SA Tax Returns
  • Partnership Tax Returns
  • Corporation Tax Returns

VAT Returns

Usually, you send a VAT Return to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) every 3 months. This period of time is known as your ‘accounting period.
The VAT Return records things for the accounting period like:
  • your total sales and purchases
  • the amount of VAT you owe
  • the amount of VAT you can reclaim
  • what your VAT refund from HMRC is
You must send a VAT Return even if you have no VAT to pay or reclaim.

Establishing a new company

  • Registration of sole trader/ Director
  • Registration of  limited company (LTD)
  • Registration of Partnership
  • Registration for PAYE
  • Registration for VAT

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