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Natalia - Polish fairy form North East
Written by Natalia Fairy   
World of esoteric astrology and changed my life. Developed perception, consciousness and the unconscious, and learned to love, forgive, and do not judge people, but try to understand the other person and help you solve any problem - health, emotional, legal and financial.

I came into the world to love and help. My eyes are the mirror of my heart and foresight inherited from his mother, and grandmother have a father, but the main character of my knowledge is my mom and she introduced me to the world of cards. As a child I listened carefully and I began to understand the world, for some people is not known, and strange.

My 20 years of experience in divination led me to professionalism. Fortune-telling, tarot, the usual cards, cola, uses magic candles, gemstones and incense. I know the practices of shamans from the Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. I help in matters of love, financial, legal and health services, and using the cards and esoteric solves with its customers a variety of issues. We are happy to tell fortunes during play such as St. Andrew's party.

He collaborated with satellite and horoscope forecasts put in the press. Several times I took part in the reality show Bar, where Eric Alize foretold victory of the second edition and the victory of Thomas editing Bar Europa.

My customers were the stars Sholom Polish business. Predicted omens for people like Doda, Jaroslaw Sander, Christopher Ibisz, Thomas Kamel and many others.

I predict in three languages:

  • Polish
  • English
  • Russian
I am to you after it to help you. Please, personally, by phone or via theinternet.

Natalia Fairy

tel: 07977 740 592

Skype: natalia55995