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Written by Cherry School   
If your staff or employees speak little English and do not have time to attend a traditional course, they can take advantage of online lessons via Skype. Better knowledge of the language will definitely enhance the safety work, and also due to faster  performance and better communication.

Please disseminate this article among your Polish staff, workers and friends. Polish version of the article - click here...

The benefits from this course are as follows:
  • You learn as you like - private lessons are tailored to each student;
  • You learn from the place you are now - from your home, office, work, from England, Ireland and South America;
  • You learn when you want to - time and frequency of lessons are tailored to your own rhythm of such work;
  • You get all the materials for free - sent directly to your e-mail address;
  • You do not waste time commuting anywhere;
  • Finally - we are flexible - you can pick up the schedule for classes, adjust them to your worktime;
  • And last but not least - the lessons are conducted with Polish tutors, so you can learn the ins and outs of English grammar, have them explained in Polish  and translated into English  and  also have explained the complexities of language, or simply learn exactly what you need and finally understand and speak English!

tel: +48 512 50 10 10

Cherry School - English for Poles by Skype