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Monika Lidke & Polish short films in Newcastle
Written by 'Made in Poland' Festival   
Tuesday, 23 October 2012 09:05
On Sunday 28th October at ‘Krakow’ Restaurant on 2 Shakespeare Street, Monika Lidke will perform at the 'Made in Poland' festival in Newcastle, accompanied by guitar and cello. As well as her own songs, she will also sing poems by Marlena Zyger with her own unique musical interpretation.  

After the concert there will be a screening of six Polish short films. It will be a unique opportunity to watch Polish 'shorts' that appeared as part of the Play Poland Film Festival. Tickets (£6) available at the Krakow Restaurant (one ticket for two events).

The first part of the evening, starting at 4pm, will belong to Monika Lidke.

Born in Poland, she went to Paris in 1992 to study singing, theatre and dance at Ecole Superieure du Spectacle. In Paris she also studied jazz singing. In 2004 Monika decided to learn more about jazz and chose to relocate to the UK. She sings in Polish, English and French. Do different languages let her express different emotions? Monika explains, “When you live in a foreign country you have to try to understand the people that live there. For me the most important thing is to have harmonious contact with another person. Each language has its character and way of expressing thoughts or describing the reality, and it has its own melody and rhythm. As I have mentioned previously, I do not control my ideas, they come to me in a specific language and I convey it to the world as best as I can”. Monika says, “For me the music is what a prayer is for other people: it gives my heart direction”.

Anyone who has listened to Monika Lidke at least once will be definitely with us at this concert.  You are cordially welcome.  

More about Monika’s music can be found on:

During the second part of the evening we will screen Polish short films thanks to the cooperation with Play Poland Film Festival  – Film Mountain.

•    Droga mistrza/The Way of the Master, dir. Kamil Krukowski, Poland 2010, 12'
A documentary story of the Polish Champion in a very unusual discipline refused to be awarded funding for a trip to World Championship in Lisboa. The Champion decides to get the funds himself and find his way to Portugal. A short, moving story about a man’s passion and the obstacles thrown at him by the big world.
•    Twist&Blood, dir. Kuba Czekaj, Poland 2010, 32' (Silesian)
A short editing – winner of many national and international prizes. A story of 11 years old boy nicknamed Brzucho (Belly). Belly is a laughing stock among his peers. His parents try to change him at all costs, get him to lose weight. Belly however has his own way of dealing with the negative emotions, he starts to self-inflict wounds. He burns his plump fingers with cigarettes, cuts them with razor…yet it is a secret. Soon he will reveal it to a friend, his secret crush…
•    Drwal/Lumberjack, dir. Paweł Dębski, Poland 2011, 15'
Numerously acclaimed animation telling a story of relationship between a father and son living amid endless ocean surrounded by a vast cliff and a forest reaching far to the horizon. The film confronts innocence and full of love heart of the boy with a madness of the father who, for no apparent reason, starts to act strangely and illogically
•    Tajemnica spowiedzi/Secret of Confession, dir. Agata Jagodzińska, Poland 2012, 9'
Among others the movie stars the family of the director, with a grandmother as a main character. Everyday a deeply religious elder lady confronts with the lack of savoir-faire and decent behaviour of the Polish youth which she finds impious. Frustrated with ubiquitous acceptance of pornography and contraception, the woman wants to punish the youngsters for their promiscuous lives. Agata Jagodzińska has received a Golden Mask in BAFTA New Talent Award competition, organised by Scottish branch of British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA).
•    List/Letter, dir. Jakub Janz, Poland 2011, 13'
A story of a poor tailor, who thanks to his hard work is given a chance to get on a new level. However, a fate is fickle – after brief moments of happiness and stream of success a crisis that changes everything comes. In order to not hit the bottom, Jan is ready to cross the morality boundaries.
•    Bałagan, czyli mnogość punktów widzenia jako przyczyna zaburzeń komunikacji interpersonalnej/A mess, meaning a multitude of perspectives as a cause of interpersonal communication disorders (musical), dir. Bartosz Kościelniak, 37'
The musical concept by Bartosz Kościelniak. They are all together. There is her and there is him. There is living, dead, male, female, fat, skinny, short and tall tone. There is lie, honesty, boredom and cool moments all along; there is loudness, meekness, brightness, darkness….there is cash and people gone. And how many truths lie within a truth, truly it is not the highest throne, but how to live through without living this and how to get this mess withdrawn?

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